Twitter Notes

Why I Left Twitter

Twitter is full of bigotry and stupidity.

I can rarely find anything even mildly interesting on the whole website, and I've never seen anything very interesting there. It's just another boring website.

Twitter claims to have rules against hate, but it's all I see when I search. I certainly don't see anything interesting in my search results. Just one idiot after another spewing bigotry.

Twitter accuses users of automated activity immediately upon signup just to force them to give their phone number. I've experienced this on multiple occasions and have heard others discuss it, too.

Twitter is using my intellectual property without permission when it prevents me from deleting my content by locking my account.

After countless activism tweets over a span of months, I acquired only 20 followers, and I'm always grateful for every follower, but they never even said hello or anything. Changing the world requires more than 20 followers unless they are some very devoted followers.

Someone who made as many high profile tweets as I did should have more followers, more likes, more retweets, and more replies, both positive and negative. It's like I'm almost in an isolation chamber on Twitter. It's like I'm shadowbanned.

I can reach more people by shouting out my window or by handing out pamphlets than with this overrated modern technology called Twitter, and it's supposed to be a global communication platform.

Under these circumstances, activism on Twitter is a pointless waste of time. You should just visit my websites instead.

©2019 Ron Spain

Censorship Online - Censored Internet Twitter is a waste of time.