Ron Spain of Rocky Mount, NC
Ron Spain
TRS-80 Model 100
TRS-80 Model 100

About Ron Spain

I'm 40 years old and live in the Rocky Mount area in North Carolina. I usually don't use my real birthday on the web in order to protect from identity theft.

If you have a question, feel free to contact me. Please allow plenty of time for me to see the message and reply.


I started programming around 1990 at about age 10 on a TRS-80 Model 100, the original laptop. Today, I mostly program C, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and PHP. Personally, I don't want to learn every computer language. I'd rather focus on being an expert in those that seem most useful to me. If you prefer another language, that's ok. Whatever works.


It's interesting to mention that I ran a very low power FM radio station as a teenager, and even produced some awful comedy skits. In my 20s, I built a low power AM station and a CW shortwave transmitter for activism purposes. I later built an FM transmitter to broadcast music somewhere around 36 MHz for whatever reason. I haven't transmitted in many years, but I now have an internet radio stream. More on that later.

Email: ???
SMS: 252-822‐1132
My PGP/GPG Key (valid until Apr 2020, allows more secure communication with me if you need that.)

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