This is the personal website of Ron Spain, age 39, from the city of Rocky Mount found along the Tar River in the rural backwoods near the edge of the coastal plain in the northeastern part of the state of North Carolina in the USA.

This website was created after my own server was sadly struck by a massive falling object and suffered catastrophic and cataclysmic failure of the hard drive, so I have ronspain.crabdance.com redirecting here.

Favorite TV Shows

Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Small Wonder, Leave It to Beaver, Rifleman, Have Gun - Will Travel, American Gladiators, Star Trek Voyager, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mythbusters, Trigger Happy TV


Though this website is non-commercial, I'd like to mention the services I can provide.


I can code a website or small game for you or your business using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, and other modern technologies.


I can program fast, efficient applications, whether for small utilities, processing large quantities of data, or automating tasks.

Computer/Electronics Repair

I can often fix hardware problems.


I may be able to improve your computer/information security, and I've offered to help with physical security in special cases.


You can email me at the following address: